What is so special about GoodVibes Lab?

We have spent years perfecting traditional dishes, We have used unconventional ingredients to fit a restrictive dietary concerns. We pinpoint the latest research and eliminate toxins you would get from most "pre-packaged" meals.

We accomplish this by cooking everything from scratch with custom formulas designed to fit our guidelines for optimization. Everyone is different though so even with our design there are modified plans needed.


Our meals rotate each week to ensure a constantly new and fresh menu for you! 

Please note, dishes denoted with an asterisk (*) contain pork items.

Bison Chorizo Frittata

Steak Omelette

Scrambled Eggs w/Bacon*

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes w/Bacon & Syrup*

Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken

Italian Meatballs

Wild Caught Tuna Salad

Beef Bowl

Pecan Crusted Chicken

Hickory Roasted Chicken

Savory Chicken Salad




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