We nourish champions.

GoodVibes Kitchen

Step 1: We gather information about your current situation and goals.  This is often related to improved professional and athletic performance, stamina, libido, weight loss, low-energy, brain fog, gut irritation...

Step 2:  We make recommendations and develop a meal plan that suits your individual lifestyle.  In some cases we streamline your success with GoodVibes Independent Partner Healthcare Professionals that help to identify food sensitivities that are preventing your ability to thrive.

Step 3:  We coach you through the process or completely manage it for you to hack your biology in record time.  Whether you are looking to improve as an athlete or a professional, a custom meal plan is key to your success.

Do it Yourself Meal Plans...

The major trade of GoodVibes Lab is the development and production of consumable health products.  

Some of our clients truly do not have the time to run their business, exercise, have fun with their kids, make it to soccer games, and spend quality time with significant others while still maintaining their optimal state of health.  All of these are aspects essential to overall longevity and wellness.

GoodVibes offers a Kitchen membership designed to prepare meals for you.  Everything is made fresh with Certified Local Organic supply chains and the meals are never frozen.  Spots remain in high demand, but we are expanding capacity daily; secure yours today!

Meet Austin Homfeld, The FoodMan

Austin is the founder of GoodVibes Lab and he believes that wellness is critical to building a more peaceful, loving existence.  His ultimate goal is to send GoodVibes to individuals and families worldwide by building affordable products and healthy, individual lifestyles.

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